About myself

Thomas-Piano2Thomas Perron
Pianist – Composer

Performer of “Émotions” album and scores book made of 10 pieces for piano.

First approach to the piano at 8 years old. Studying at National Musical Superior Conservatory of Grenoble (France), Paris and then Geneva.

First prize at the age of 12 :  « Gold medal of Grenoble’s CNR », « Chamber Music Prize at Superior Conservatory of Paris » at age 17,  then preparation for « Virtuosity Prize of Geneva Conservatory ».

Piano teacher in a music conservatory in Grenoble area (France).

Music is a passion, a gift which requires hard work in order to perfect it.
It is also an act of generosity, to give and to share.

My background led me to a conclusion : nowadays the connected world where we live makes all kinds of music available to everybody… But what is the place of  classical music ? Nevertheless, this is the one we use to teach the basics in our musical conservatory.

When we hear successful movie soundtracks, like « Intouchable » of Ludovico Einaudi, « Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain » of Yann Tiersen or Yiruma we can wonder if music schools  are offering the music that pupils expect.

Thomas-Carre1My thought was to make compilations on classical bases with a movie soundtrack touch, much easier to listen to. The 20 original pieces which I created are all different with varied techniques, suitable for the 2nd and 3rd cycle.

I made my own recording in a concert hall with the help of sound engineers and Système Ennium on a Steinway piano. I took special care of the acoustic and musical quality. I wish to provide listeners with the opportunity to buy the best possible rendition, to be closest to the instrument.

Pianistically yours

Thomas Perron

Photo by David J. RICHALET